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About us

We take a user-centric approach for optimizing, developing and demonstrating user-friendly charging stations, innovative charging solutions with scalable stations that support high-power charging (22 kW) for passenger vehicles and motorcycles, and super high-power charging (> 50 kW) for passenger Electric Vehicles, aiming to create an EV charging stations infrastructure in all of Morocco, facilitating Moroccans transition to electric vehicles.

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We base our rates on regional utility costs, allowing us to offer the lowest possible rates in each area.

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Volta X has industry leading reliability, committed to 98% network uptime.

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Volta X gives you the very best charging experience possible, usable in every volta charging stations across all of Morocco.

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Large Network

Large network of chargers all over our Kingdom.

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Volta X platform

Our System management software is used to manage our network of charging points, and for clients to track and control charging sessions.

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